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Passion speaks for itself, certainly when it concerns Iver van de Zand - SAP Vice President Product Strategy Augmented BI. He lives and dies with a passion for analytics, interactive analyses and visualization techniques; always striving to help customers get better performance insights. 

Based in Belgium – Europe, Iver is in business analytics for almost 25 years always working with customers, improving their abilities to get the most adequate performance metrics they need to optimize the company’s performance. 


..I was lucky to be part of a generation when data warehousing was invented. We learned about how to model databases in such a way, there were optimized for providing management information. We all lived and died with Ralph Kimball ’s theory and practices.. … In those days business users requiring reports were not only depending on what was available in the data warehouse, but they also had to go in the lane waiting for their request to get approved and the report developed…. I have seen techniques, tools and environments evolving ….Luckily with today’s Digital Transformation and continuously connected networks, data from everywhere, we now have tools that allow business users to relatively autonomously work with business intelligence themselves. This self-service BI provides the agility they require to analyze data with a few clicks.."  


The current era of Digital Transformation excites him massively: IoT, unstructured data, Big Data, integration of networks and in-memory platforms, they all make analytics and performance insights even more interesting than ever.

Iver works with SAP and focuses on Analytics. He owns and drives the SAP overall Analytics strategy. He is an active member of the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) community that focuses on data visualization standards and Hichert principles. Find more on Hichert and IBCS here.

Furthermore Iver is a frequently asked keynote-speaker on the major Analytics events organized by various organizations and institutions.

In February 2016 he published his first book "Passionate On Analytics" which basically brings together the wealth of knowledge and experience he gained over time. Passionate on analytics focuses on the value analytics can have in today Digital Business and shows this with over 33 deep dive insights and 60+ best practice tutorial video's. The book has been a landmark in Iver's career. His latest achievement was the development of this website providing with a descent platform to share his thoughts, insights and knowledge. In 2019 Iver published the SAP Leonardo book as co-writer. 

As of 2019 Iver is Vice President Product Strategy Augmented BI for SAP. In this role he owns the Analytics strategy for SAP which is instrumental also in light of the Intelligent Enterprise. His role also brings the ownership of the Analytics go-to-market. In the recent past,  Iver headed SAP Global Analytics PreSales

Iver van de Zand - analytics evangealist & thought leader

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"working hard for something we don't care about is called stress; working hard for something we do care about is called passion", Simon Sinek

.. hard work beats talent, if talent doesn't work hard ..

Iver van de Zand

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Listen to Iver explaining his passion for analytics, diggital transformation and his way of sharing experience and knwoledge with you.

Iver van de Zand



Author of the book "Passionate On Analytics", feb 2016. Guiding customers with analytics and business intelligence to get insights in their performance, is what brings joy to my professional career. And SAP has the ultimate atmosphere for my analytics passion: enthusiasm, industry leadership and maturity, great tools and knowledge. The current era of Digital Transformation excites: IoT, unstructured data, integration of networks and in-memory platforms, they all make analytics and performance insights even more interesting then ever!

The “analytics – bug” also caught me in my private time. As chairman of Hockey club Sint-Truiden, I use analytics tools to manage the club’s budget and planning, but also run analytics to get full insight in member- and team statistics.

Having worked Business Intelligence and Performance Management for more than 24 years, Iver is a true thought leader. After finishing university, he joined Digital Equipment in 1994 introducing the concept of data warehousing for supply chain, driving strategic decision taking. Iver co-founded the privately held company ImpacTec in 2000. ImpacTec introduced the concept of analytical applications for the telco sector.


In December 2002 he joined Cognos (now IBM) where he held board management roles as European services director. Iver was honored manager of the year with Cognos in 2005 & 2006. In 2011 he won IBM's top seller award. In 2007 Iver co-founded the company element61, a thought-leading consulting company in Performance Management.


As of 2012, Iver choose to provide his broad knowledge through SAP, where he's focusing on analytics, business intelligence, planning, financial consolidation and the SAP Hana in-memory platform. 


As of September 2016 Iver changed roles within SAP and is now the Global Analytics Hub Director where he is heading the SAP Global Analytics Hub for business intelligence and predictive analytics focussing on enablement for pre-sales, collaboration, content generation and best practices. Working closely with global leadership and stakeholders across SAP incorporating the latest insights, tools, and best practices in order to optimise the use of SAP resources, improve cross organisational collaboration, and drive efficiencies in business execution.

Email: iver.van.de.zand@sap.com

His motto is “..hard work beats talent, if talent doesn’t work hard..”



1993: Master Degree Economics: Erasmus University Rotterdam

1994: Master Degree Applied Information Technology: University of Nijmegen

2007: Prince2: Kluwer

2011: IBM Sales University MBA

2011: Six Sigma Black Belt



In his privat time Iver is a dedicated regatta sailer. In his early years he won numerous championships and was honoured in 1992 for being the world's best dinghy sailor. Iver also plays field-hockey and is a dedicated fan of Folk & Jazz music.