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I use Youtube to share a big part of my best practices on my analytics channel. The channel embeds various playlists (categories) that might be of your interest:


  • Cloud For Analytics: 

  • Business Intelligence Suite

  • Lumira on self-service business intelligence

  • Design Studio on managed dashboards


Some of the best practices cover more than one category and as such are listed in multiple playlists


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best practices, insights, demo's and tutorials on business analytics

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enterprise analytics best practices like governance, maintaining commenting, parallel querying and more 


agility, governance, speed and visualizations are key words for self service BI. Find all tips and tricks in this section. A specific page for self-service BI in Financial Consolidation is here


Financial Consolidation is an often forgotten area for analytics. This is probably because it is difficult with all the nested journals and complex reporting rules. Though there are very good solutions for analytics here


especially combined with self service BI, managed dashboarding is an extremely powerfull analytics technique. My favourite. Learn all the best in this section. There is also a dedicated page here.


cloud analytics today has an enormous momentum that will even grow given the trend of providing bausiness analytics as a service. The best way of using cloud analytics is in this channel


year and years of customer engagements taught me a lot of industry specific experience related to analytics. In this section all I learned


passionate on analytics discusses the most recent trends in business analytics and contains views of the experts


The by far most used component with customers is the stunning enterprise reporting tool WebIntelligence allowing to do the most advanced managed reporting cureently possible



Writing is a passion I have never understood, yet a storyteller is all I have ever wanted to be


Design Studio

Managed Dashboarding at stunning quality

The full list of Design Studio best practice

video's can be accessed by clicking the button 

BI Suite 4.2 What's New

selection of the best new features

The full list of BI Suite 4.2 what's new video's can be accessed by clicking the button 

Self-service BI with Lumira

interactive self-service 

The full list of BI Suite 4.2 what's new video's can be accessed by clicking the button 



Faith to enter an era of unknown, faith to enter out of your cocoon


Analytics for Industries & LOB

tailored content and functionality in analytics

The full list of industry and LOB video's can be accessed by clicking the button