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the BI Component Selection Tool

what technical component best suites your users

As an analytics professional you already figured out that users prefer to have as many tools available when you discuss with them what they need for their job when it comes to getting insights. They want everything for the reason of ".. just to be sure; imagine I'd miss something ..". They care less about maintaining and deploying software, but you do!


So how do you decide what user should have what analytical component?My Business Intelligence Component Selection Tool will help you.


As part of your BI Strategy Roadmap, you may consider to discuss your users logical - functional requirements. It is my experience that these requirements always come down to a list of 40 - 50 generic ones. It are these that guide you in your decision on what technical component to offer to what type of user.

Specifically on dashboards some important decisions are to be taking when you opt for one. Tap the button on the right to found out more.

If you are interested in the latest roadmaps, convergence programs, vison and strategy on all SAP analytics BI products, have a look at this tremendous deck.



Get the BI Component Selection Tool

Learn how to set up the tool

If you like to use the BI Components selection tool, following procedure applies:


  1. ensure you have SAP Lumira Desktop running at least as of version 1.27 or higher.

  2. If you don't have Lumira available, contact you local SAP ofice and request a test-license

  3. Tick the button "Download Now" on the right and save the file with it's existing LUMS extension

  4. Start Lumira Desktop

  5. Click File->Import ... and import the downloaded LUMS file

  6. Click the compose-tab


An overview video of the BI Component Selection tool is below.


The ratings and weight-factors in the tool are my own and based upon 21 years experience. I'll regurlarly update the tool according to the latest sofwtare releases 


Dashboards and Dashboards

What to choose from a dashboard

The SAP BI Suite currently holds the Dashboard as the Design Studio components to be used for enterprise dashboarding. Below is a very comprehensive overview comparing both components. A must read if you are opting to use enterprise dashboarding in your company.


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