Iver's Annual Report 2015: Thank You all !

Hey chaps, thought I'd share my personal Annual Report 2015 with you. It had been an amazing year. I love my job in Business Analytics and love sharing my knowledge and experience via blogs, tweets and linkedin publications. 2016 hopefully brings more of it: I continue sharing, love is in the air, new amazing products have been launched and ... my book on analytics will be published. The book wil be interactive and is on analytics insights, best practices, tutorials and strategy assesments.

Big Friends: business analytics and big data become big friends in the banking & insurance secto

Seen the latest statements on current priorities of the banking and insurance sector? Have a look here. "Making big data actionable", it's header says. Bank and insurance companies fight a big struggle around the customer. Customers that are way better informed these days and are - luckily - more critical on the products the consume from the financial sector. To keep their customers are even enlarge the customer base, banks and insurance companies need better Customer Insight. Understand your customer Insights in the customers needs and behavior that are so urgently needed. Recent surveys show a lack of confidence with customers: over 50% of them feel not understood very well. Personally I h

Ooh-Lala: Embedded Analytics with In-Memory applications

Embedded analytics take a leap these days and that is for a reason. As build-in analytical capabilities into in-memory platforms, the embedded analytics gain in popularity. So what is so interesting about embedded analytics and how do they differ from “regular” business analytics. Is the one better than the other? Time for some deep-dive. Embedded Analytics: a definition Defining embedded analytics is like a set of capabilities tied into an application that bring additional awareness, context or analytics that support decision taking for very specific tasks. These capabilities are typical represented in charts, graphs or lists of overviews and tend to represent the core data in real-time. Th

4 best practices to make your Storyboards more dynamic and appealing

Your end users will love it when you’d deliver your story- and dashboards in a more appealing and dynamic way. In these Let Me Guide series I discuss 4 easy to use best practices that will help you doing so: Using backgrounds Using Navigation dynamic Vector Diagram pictures: SVG Dynamic Text Using Background Backgrounds can better the looks and experience of story- and dashboards. Use the opacity to ensure the attention is not too much distracted from the actuals graphs and charts. I tends to create my backgrounds myself using PowerPoint: create a slide with a layout you like allocating space for KPI metrics and visualizations. Save the slide as JPG which you can import as background into SA

Let me consolidate: self-service BI on top of online Financial Consolidation - SAP BFC HANA and SAP

Interactive, self-service business intelligence is finding her way through all parts of organizations, but also through different information areas. One that always had "her own" way of visualizing insights has been Financial Consolidation. In a sense this might be understandable; data-structures of Financial Consolidation applications can be challenging with hierarchal accounts, filters and data-scope need to be set really accurately to make sense, and data is typically in huge volumes causing uncomfortable browsing. However on the other side the Financial Controller also has the requirement browse and interact with his consolidated financial data. His role - as part of the Office of Finan

2016 and Business Analytics: prepare for a smashing year

The end of the year is always a time to reflect, but also a time to look ahead and think about what might be different or innovating next year. Reflecting on 2015, three things immediately come to mind: Interactive self-service business intelligence has definitely landed and earned its permanent place. Every top-100 customer I talked to, has self-service business intelligence in its BI Strategy plans “Traditional” business analytics, as in managed reporting and dash boarding, is not sufficient anymore for full performance management; a closed loop portfolio of analytical, predictive, planning and GRC information is becoming a necessity in today’s management of processes and business flows.

SAP BI Suite 4.2: review of the most important new features and capabilities

SAP has announced the SAP BI Suite 4.2 platform release of their well-known business intelligence suite. The new version which is currently in ramp up phase but will become publicly available in March 2016, brings tons of new features putting the platform at even greater distance to be the most mature and capable BI platform on the market. I have been discovering and reviewing the new BI 4.2 platform and below are some of the great new things I discovered. If I may list a top 5 of the most important new enhancements, it would be as follows: The above is my personal top 5; I am really happy with the direct and online access of WebIntelligence towards SAP HANA allowing for operational busines

The overwhelming power of analytics in retailing and B2C: Part II

Retailing and B2C market requirements for online insights are heavily relying on the closed-loop portfolio. The permanent and online interaction of analytics towards rolling planning or predictive models applies all the time. As a follow up on Part 1 on the overwhelming power of analytics in retailing, we talk in this article about the various ways analytics is applied in retailing and B2C. The situation discussed below are far from exhaustive, but at least it provides the insights on what I have experienced in various engagements with the retailing sector. More than anywhere else, the retailing and B2C segments rely on real-time availability of data insights. Customer behavior, society infl

Amick Brown publishes our blogs

Knowledge sharing is important and as such I am very proud on the good relationship with San Francisco based Amick Brown. They are one of those rare companies that combine excellent business intelligence knowledge and experiences, with innovative thinking. What makes Amick Brown special is that they really take ownership of their customers analytical challenges. Highly recommended ! Amick Brown now also publishes my blogs from time to time, so more people can get involved in the discussions and thoughts we both share on analytics innovations and best practices. Thanks you Sheri Tate !

Amazing capabilities of self-service BI Tools: VORA and D3

Today’s self-service business intelligence tools evolve at stunning speed. Quite understandable given the success of agile organizations in the era of Digital Transformation. Amongst others, agility means analytical interactivity in real-time to structured and unstructured data aiming at getting insights at any moment. Two of the latest capabilities of self-service business intelligence tools are demonstrated in this section. Connecting to SAP Vora using SAP Lumira The new SAP HANA Vora product is an in-memory query engine for Apache Spark and Hadoop. SAP Vora allows to easily access Spark clusters and Hadoop and brings data enrichment and exploration. It uses the power of in-memory computi

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