Innovations that matter, using Analytics that matter: Part II

SAP’s Innovation Summit blew me away. The summit brings the best and most creative resources together who challenge each other and showcase how SAP leads and defines innovation. Innovations are applied and used by our customers today; innovations that ensure our customers are ahead in their respective industries. In the first part of "Innovations that matter, using Analytics that matter" we have seen some of the best innovations. Here is the second part. Connected Soldiers: condition of assets It is called Connected Soldiers, but his innovation is really on connecting almost anything within a modern army: flights, ships, assets and soldiers. The below video comments on these innovations, but

Innovations that matter, using Analytics that matter: Part I

Luckily I work in an environment where innovation and making things better and simpler is part of our day-to-day challenge. It is very satisfying when so many smart people share their creativity and knowledge to come up with innovations that really matter to business, to customers and to the environment. The Digital Economy - and its shadowing-baby called Digital Transformation - encourage us to make processes smarter, better and more efficient. They also challenge us to use our software in a smarter way leveraging technology that is surrounding us. As you’d probably expect, my personal and special attention goes to innovations where business analytics play a key role, or even make the diffe

Exciting analytics innovations at the SAP EMEA Analytics boot camp

We call it the "week of our own": one week per year the creme-de-la-creme of SAP analytics pre-sales joins together in the analytics boot camp to share knowledge and experience. It brings magic. Put them even together with SAP analytics product development and you get firework! And especially in the latter is where great value comes for you as a customer: pre-sales people are always talking to customers, isn't it? They exactly understand what the customer - or better said: the market - requires from analytics and business intelligence. Bringing them together with product development allows to prioritize on the markets needs and bring the most important functionality quickly to the products.

What you missed at SAP TechEd

We all wanna go to SAP TechEd, don't we, but sometimes you're just prevented from going by business or other reasons. Luckily the SAP TechEd team archives the best keynotes, sessions and best practices. They all can be accessed here and I encourage you to have a look. This year's TechEd is just splendid. Two of the very best keynotes are below: Irfan Khan - CTO of SAP - explains us what "Running Simple really means in 2016. His session is an absolute must-see providing insights in the latest innovations on Running Simple with your operations. Björn Goerke is Executive Vice Presiden Product Innovations with SAP and his key note looks into the future of Internet of Things (IoT). I definately r

Some are good, few are very good ... advise in selecting a BI component

I often run against presentations and overview decks and some are good, but only a few are very good. I faced the latter with the embedded presentation on SAP's roadmap for analytics and the accompanying BI component selection advise. This is a really useful deck: it provides a clear overview on the roadmap by comparing today's SAP BI components with what is foreseen for 2017 The overview has a clear split for on-premise/privat Cloud scenarios versus full cloud via SAP HCP (Hana Cloud Platform) Fo call scenario's it provides a good as-is situation, plus a deep level insight on the roadmap and what is coming up H1 2017 Below is a video with the full deck available. If you require the PDF vers

Yes, we are a bit late, but what with BI on top of our planned SAP BW HANA platfrom

Of course we all like to discuss the latest innovations on analytics and business intelligence showing the ultimate technologies, features and capabilities. However in my daily discussions with large enterprise customers, I often see that these enterprises are not using these innovations yet. Aren’t they interested than? Sure, they are, but large enterprise firms just cannot always be on top of technology. They have so many end users and thus require stability. Doing an upgrade or patch, often brings them into complex approval and workflow processes. Changing or extending technologies has even bigger impact: think about learning curves, adoption programs and new development. As a result I fa

Dresner Report on Advanced Analytics

The latest Dresner report on Advanced Analytics is now available and can be requested here. I was surprised reading the report with some unexpected - though highly interesting - conclusions. Some of them are listed below, though I encourage all to request the full report. Executive Summary Penetration and current use of advanced/predictive analytic tools remains low at just 24 percent and declined slightly year over year. Coupled with future plans, we conclude that APA will not be a widespread practice in the near future. Going forward, large and small organizations are most likely adopters. Organizations view advanced/predictive analytics as building on existing BI efforts and are generally

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