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The book | Passionate on Analytics | by Iver van de Zand | best practices, insights, tutorials and deep dives | business analytics | business intelligence | datascience | digital transformation | datavisualization

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33 deep dive insights explaining analytics trends, innovations and the most valuable analytics techniques







More than 60 best practices video's explaining and demonstrating analytics implementations, techniques and use cases 








countless resources to the best websites, books, domain leaders and blog sites helping you to understand and learn analytics best practices 



Passionate On Analytics is for free now



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Passionate on Analytics - Iver van de Zand


read the insights and deep dives on analytics, business intelligence and how they drive Digital Transformation

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a collection of best practice and tutorial videos explaining how to apply analytics and business intelligence

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The book: Passionate on Analytics

green series

Talking interactive analytics to customers every single day, I decided to publish an interactive book. Passionate On Analytics is.


Over 25 years of practical analytics experience gave me a wealth of knowledge that I just simply want to share and practice. My blogs with insights on analytics, and my Youtube channel with numerous best practice tutorials, acted as a foundation for the book.


The green series of Passionate On Analytics is the first edition which is available today. My passion remains and thus a 2nd edition - purple series - can be expected later this year. In the meantime I continue to share my view on analytics via the blogs and articles on this site. Whenever appropriate, the blogs will be accompanied by best practice video's


This book is a concatenation of articles being published on my blogsite, corporate blogsites and  Digitalist Magazine. All comes from my deep passion on analytics and especially the business intelligence side of things. Quite sme focus is on how business analytics plays a key role in Digital Transformation.


The book is in Apple iBook format which means you as a reader can interact with it by starting embedded videos, scrolling through image galleries, linking to interesting websites or opening PDF’s. For those of you not using Apple devices, the shop also contains a non-interactive version of the book in PDF. Alternatively there is a Kindle version available through Amazon here.


Some specific names or terminology in the iBook is marked bold meaning one can tap the word to be guided to the glossary with additional information. You won’t notice a real storyline in this iBook; the different articles are grouped around insights in certain domains, strategy related articles focusing on strategic initiatives, and best practices that are based on my experience with implementations at customer site. In the last chapter I grouped the resources I most often use in my day to day activities.



Data visualization best practices
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Improve your dashboards
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Learn what self-service agility can
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Innovations on analytics
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Use color coding to improve
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The BI component selection tool
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Numerous resources
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The importance of variances
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written with Passion
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Passionate On Analytics

composes of 4 sections:


  1. Strategy: focussing on innovative analytics

  2. Insights: deep dive in analytics related topics

  3. Best Practices: demo / tutorial best practices

  4. Resources: the best web, book and blog resources


The interactivity of the book allows to seamlessly jump from one section to the other. The strategy chapter 

focusses on innovative analytics like the use cases for in-memory platforms or how to best create a framework

for your business analytics strategy. Some articles in the strategy focus on the importance of the closed loop 

portfolio in analytics: the ability to have an integration between business intelligence, business planning,

predictive analytics and government & risk, all within one tool.


The insights chapter brings numerous articles that all cover a specific subject within analytics. These subjects are not necessarily technology driven, but can also be industry driven like the artciles on the overwhelming power of analytics for retail. Very interesting is the Business Intelligence component selection tool, I discuss in section 3 of the Insight's chapter.


In chapter 4 of the book, I talk about the resources I use every single day. Not only websites with valuable up to data information, but also refers to class leading articles or documents





The book: Passionate on Analytics

what people say

Ty Miller about Passionate On Analytics

“Iver has advised on and implemented analytics for countless customers and partners and he obviously learned a few things on the way. He has not only been able to capture his knowledge and experience in this eBook, but he has done so in a way that allows the readers to apply analytical techniques that Iver’s learned on their own business analytics projects. I’m very impressed with both content and style of your book Iver. Well done !!”, Ty Miller SAP Vice President SAP BI Product Development

“Iver’s genuine passion for Analytics is infectious. His drive and creativity make things happen, always surprising, always different, standing him out of the crowd. As analytics professionals we all know that it takes time to deliver simplicity. With this book Iver gives us the required insights and shortcuts”, Patrick Van Deven, SAP BeLux Country Director

Patrick Van Deven about Passionate On Analytics

“Iver is clearly passionate on Analytics, and has put an extensive and rich set of materials that does a great job of sharing that passion!”, Timo Elliott, SAP Vice President Global Innovation Evangelist  

Timo Elliott about Passionate On Analytics
Waldemar Adams about Passionate On Analytics

"Me being now 20 years dedicated to the Analytics market I have rarely seen such a believer and top domain expert of Analytics as Iver van de Zand. So it is not a surprise that I am very much and very positively surprised by Iver’s book which isn’t only state of the art of Analytics in this century but also using todays smart possibilities of media. I really enjoyed reading it and I strongly recommend you find the time as well. Waldemar Adams, Head of SAP Analytics, EMEA"


Over 1.000 copies sold already

Patrick Van Deven - Managing Director SAP Belux buys 1.000st copy