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I strongly belief in collaboration, knowledge sharing and involvements in - and active partcipation to - discussions. They all help understanding the best ways on how analytics creates our new gold money: Insights.


Insights drive enterpise performance, drive enterprise agility and drive enterprise excellence.


I use a limited list of 5 media types to share and participate: LinkeIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Facebook. Quite often I use these media not only for updates on this website, but also to share articles and opinions that are not on this website. Actively particiating to discussions on LinkedIn and Twitter already brought me the best contacts, I really can rely on. As a cherry on the cake, it brought me also various opportunities that afterwards became customers for the company I work for.


Iver's strong network both within the leading business analytics vendors as outside, can be valuable to you. Contact Iver if you require to get introduced.


Connect with me be tapping the above media icons.

New: My webinars and bestpractices are now also distributed via BrightTALK

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Of course we are proud on the succes of this website. The number of views, responses, comments and cross-references exceed any expectation I could dream of. The blogs and best practices are highly appreciated. Recently I got several requests from other websites to share and publish ly blogs. Here is an overview of them. Of course the single "source of truth" comes from this website: Passionate On Analytics :-)

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the courage to raise a voice over the crowd and reflect a stance



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