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The Analytics Knowledge Center provides any detail on release notes, guides manuals and many more

Searching for inspiration for your dashboards and reports? Go here

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business intelligence & analytics resources by Iver van de Zand


 The resources above are the ones I use myself all the time. That doesn't mean they are exhaustive at all.  



read the insights and deep dives on analytics, business intelligence and how they drive Digital Transformation


a collection of best practice and tutorial videos explaining how to apply analytics and business intelligence


The book Passionate On Analytics is available now. It composes of 60+ best practices videos and 33 insights


Proper data visualization are key when it come to turning data into knowledge and ultimately into insights. Learn the best techniques here


a selection of the best analytics resources and links I use every single day


I collect the articles on the web that I find highly interesting. Click here to find out which ones they are


.. guts to share, discuss and ask opinions and experiences ..


additional resources on analytics

Digital Transformation is a great era in time and offers tremendous opportunities for business analytics and the closed loop portfolio in general. It is also a time where innovations, new analytics initiatives and capabilities are so rapidly coming to us, that staying informed with the right information is anabsolute must. Apart from all the resources already mentioned, I have listed below some ideas that might help you to keep up the pace.

The BI Handbook

Are you new to SAP Business Intelligence and have questions how to start, where to find best practices, how to download software or where to get support? Than the BI Handbook is the thing you need. Read it over here.

Analytics Training pages


The analytics training channnel from SAP is a tremendous area with instruction and best practices videos on anything that is withing analytics software. The videos are very well cut into concrete and pinpointed proportions and are clearly titled for easy searching. They have been of great help to me when applying analytical software with my customers.



LinkedIn Groups on Business Analytics


If you scroll down on my LinkedIn profile, you'll find a list of LinkedIn Groups I joined and actively participate with. LinkedIn groups focus on specific areas or domains and allow for direct communication between the group memebers. Though mentioned many times on the web, I also like to emphasize that group communication only works for you, if you actively participate. Try to comment or advice on specific updates, and you'll see how quickly you get response and grow your network and knowledge. Ah, and in the meantime do not forget connecting with me!



SCN Pages


The SAP Community Network SCN pages are in my top 3 list of resources. This is where product development, users, product champions & experts all come together. SCN pages are organized by domains, products and industries and offer a wealth of information. The most important ones I have listed above in the tile overview.





One of the media that is rapidly evolving when it comes to sharing information, is SlideShare. The information is organized by topic or domain. Simply search for terminology like Digital Transformation and get started. Founded in 2006 with the goal of making knowledge sharing easy, Slideshare joined the LinkedIn family in 2012 and has since grown into a top destination for professional content. With over 18 million uploads in 40 content categories, it is today one of the top 100 most-visited websites in the world. Join me on my SlideShare channel.



Below are some links that are useful when creating mock-ups or sample dashboards and storyboards. It regards icons and pictures you can use to better the lay-out.There is also a website you'd probably like for inspiration

Passion is loosing your tone when talking the things you are thrilled about

Information is beautiful


The website information is beautiful is one you cannot miss. It has the very best visualizations of the world. What is being published here quite often amazes. Not all of them are easily replicated, but at least it inspires me when designing my applications. Definitely have a look here!


You probably noticed I use quite a lot of icons on my dashboards and storyboards. Most of them I get from the FlatIcon website. Interesting though is that this website is also full of SVG files. These are the vector pictures that can be used dynamically: i.e. measures can drive the size of these pictures and that is very useful.