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Usefull sample data to discover your analytics

Please find below some of the sample data sets I use to discover and work with analytics. The data sets allow for blending, GEO spatial, custom groupings, hierarchies and many more. The majority of the sample data is in XLS(x) format for easy use.

As you, I am always looking at good data-sets. I would appreciate a message from you if you have good data-sets for me!

Ah, and definitely don't forget to download this Lumira 2.1 sample


How to organize your BICC

Business Intelligence Competence Center



"Higher BI and analytics compentency and pervasiveness are achieved when organizational culture, business processes and technologies are designed and implemented with the goal of improving or automating all strategic, operational and tactical decision making." This was said by Dan Vesset VP Program Business Analytics with IDC, and I think he is more than right. Below is a good start-up guide if you consider to set-up or adjust a BICC Business Intelligence Competence Center. To my stance, any mid or large enterprise running BI cannot do with one. You also might consider review this blog before reading below guide.


Setting up a framework for a BI Strategy

Roadmaps and strategy framework for your business analytics environment

As explained in the blog "your BI strategy plan consists of one slide"a decent and usefull (!) business intelligence strategy map is a bit more work and needs to be carefully prepared and maintained. I am a strong believer of using techniques that do not take weeks or months to create the map or framework. I have done it many times with my customers, and a decent framework can be done in a matter of days. I used below guide to do so, and can ensure you it really works. Have a look at it and let me know your experience using the approach. 


Below are some resources that are open source that you can use for your analyses. The majority is Big Data related but some are also meant for Data Science

Data Sources

Below is a list of open source (so freely accessible). The list is far from exhaustive but provides a good start fro any one wanting to "play around" with big data. A bit of searching learns us there are some of the sets that are specifically meant for data science. 

Cross-disciplinary data repositories, data collections and data search engines:



Single datasets and data repositories:

Data is everywhere, created and used by just about anyone. The days when companies or individuals had to pay significant sums of money to access useful and interesting datasets is long gone. Here is our top 20 list of the best free data sources available online.


1. the UK government’s open data portal including the British National Bibliography – metadata on all UK books and publications since 1950.

2. Search through 194,832 USA data sets about topics ranging from education to Agriculture.

3. US Census Bureau  latest population, behaviour and economic data in the USA.

4.Socrata - software provider that works with governments to provide open data to the public, it also has its own open data network to explore.

5.European Union Open Data Portal thousands of datasets about a broad range of topics in the European Union.

6. DBpedia crowd sourced community trying to create a public database of all Wikipedia entries.

7. The New York Times a searchable archive of all New York Times articles from 1851 to today.

8. datasets from all around the world collected in one place.

9. The World Factbook information prepared by the CIA about, what seems like, all of the countries of the world.

10. NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre data sets from the UK National Health Service.

11. detailed USA healthcare data covering loads of health related topics.

12. UNICEF statistics about the situation of children and women around the world.

13. World Health organisation statistics concerning nutrition, disease and health.

14. Amazon web services large repository of interesting data sets including the human genome project, NASA’s database and an index of 5 billion web pages.

15. Google Public data explorer search through already mentioned and lesser known open data repositories.

16. Gapminder a collection of datasets from the World Health Organisation and World Bank covering economic, medical and social statistics.

17. Google Trends analyse the shift of searches throughout the years.

18. Google Finance real-time finance data that goes back as far as 40 years.

19. UCI Machine Learning Repository a collection of databases for the machine learning community.

20. National Climatic Data Center world largest archive of climate data.