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8 mrt. 2018

How Exactly Yellow Ping Icon Works?

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I would like to know how the yellow ping (latency) icon exactly works. I used to think that it was automatically activated as soon as you reach 100 ping, but after reading the details of the patch notes where it was introduced again, now I´m not sure when the yellow ping icon is activated. The notes said that:"A yellow latency icon means your ping is high enough for additional validation steps to be triggered by the server (around 100-140 ms of ping)."

Does that means that the yellow latency icon will always appears as soon as the player reach 100 ping, or that it will appear when you reach some specific number between 100 and 140 of ping (depending of the player/situation/other players)? Does anyone have played with a bit more than 100 ping (like 110) without that yellow ping icon appearing after the mid reinforcements patch?


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