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Like all of you, I also love to lose myself on the web reading insights, news and trends regarding business analytics. I use this information to learn but also to get inspired for writing my own articles. Below you'll find a selection of articles that catched my mind and are definately worth a read. The list is far from exhaustive and I easily might have missed great artciles. If you believe I should list an interesting article in below list, just meantion by ticking this box. 



"..working hard for something we don't care about is called stress; working hard for something we do care about is called passion..", Simon Sinek

May 27, 2018

SAP launched the Intelligent Enterprise

SAP surprises you and me everytime. And it happened again by answering the customer's query on how they can further accelerate value creation: SAP now introduces the Intelligent Enterprise suite. Have a look at the enclosed whitepaper explaining what this can mean to all of us. Nice !!

February 19, 2018

Research paper: Business Analytics in the ear of Artificial Intelligence

Get your copy of this new paper to understand the impact of Machine Learning on Business Intelligence and analytics, and the adoption and success of its application to date. This is the output of recent research by Computing Magazine, dated February 2018, following a survey of approximately 110 business decision makers across a range of mid and large-scale enterprises.

January 08, 2018

Lumira 2.1 - downloadable dashboard - learn the new features

The dashboard at hand is supposed to provide insights into the new Lumira 2.x features: The new composites, the integration of offline data and the adaptive containers are most important to note. Hence, this demo aims at showing how these features work in combination. Moreover, it serves as an inspiration and can be regarded as a template. Data used in dashboard is dummy data only. Visualizations have been chosen randomly to show a variety of chart types (e.g. radar, tag cloud, doughnut). The chosen type may therefore not match the type actually recommended for use for a specific KPI. Feel free to visit this blog regularly to stay up-to-date with the new Lumira innovations. The lumx-file can be downloaded at the end of the page.

November 06, 2017

IDC: The value of data and analytics in Digital Transformation

Excellent new survey presented by IDC on the exact value analytics and data have to the era of Digital Transformation. Digital transformation has become a board- level initiative at many companies. This board

-level mandate comes from the realization that most industries have reached the point of diminishing

returns for using cash hoards to increase dividends, buy back stock, or make acquisitions to keep

stock prices propped up. The opportunity for real growth, up to $20 trillion over the next five years by

IDC estimates, combined with the threat of new, digitally savvy competitors is driving established

enterprises to invest in digitally centric business models. A key part of this investment is being focused on data and analytics