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Our mutual profession of business analytics is described in countless books, papers, website and documents. Like you I also struggle to find the ones that really matter, or focus on the subjects I am interested in. Your best friend here is Google. To help you out I listed some of the books that help me every single day. I use them as reference guides and refer to them regurlarly.


The list is my own list and doesn't imply at all there are no good or better alternatives out there.



never stop reading, listening and digesting information and knwoledge


SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence (Webi) 4.2: The Comprehensive Guide

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence (Webi) 4.2: The Comprehensive Guide

Bring your data presentations into focus with this comprehensive guide to SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence. Updated for Webi 4.2, this book will teach you to create, design, and share your reports, while exploring the fundamentals of Webi and its extended capabilities. This fourth edition includes information on data source options for building new documents and queries, and a new HTML5-based viewing interface. Punch up your reporting and analysis!

From IDE to SDK, your complete guide to Design Studio 1.6!

I am a big fan of SAP Design Studio and believe it is by far the best managed dashboarding tool. This book opens up every single detail of the application and also crosss-links to the HICHERT and IBCS techniques. Highly recommended

Passionate On Analytics

My own book Passionate On Analytics based on 24 years of experience in analytics and business intelligence. Of course this book is in the recommended list: it is all about the topics that brought you to this website. The book is now available for free and can be read on an Apple device. Go to the Shop on this site if you require a PDF version of my book.

Multi-criteria Decision Analysis: Methods and Software

This book from my good friend Philippe Nemery presents an introduction to MCDA followed by more detailed chapters about each of the leading methods used in this field. Comparison of methods and software is also featured to enable readers to choose the most appropriate method needed in their research. Philippe is a highly experienced datascientist

Datavisualization for Dummies

Mico Yuk proves time after time to be one of the leading analytics influencers. Based on years of customer experience, she wrote this book explaining how to deploy the best visualization techniques. From infographics to storyboard, from charts to anamited graphs, this book covers all.

The In-Memory Revolution: How SAP HANA Enables Business of the Future

This book describes the next generation of business applications in the innovative new SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (SAP S/4HANA), exploiting the revolutionary capabilities of the SAP HANA in-memory database. Numerous real-world examples are presented illustrating the disruptive potential of this technology and the quantum leap it has facilitated in terms of simplicity, flexibility, and speed for new applications. The intuitive structure of this book offers a straightforward business perspective grounded in technology in order to enable valuable business insights drawn from the wealth of real-world experience of the book’s two authors, both prominent figures in the field of business application systems: Hasso Plattner and Bernd Leukert.

Hasso Plattner is the co-founder of SAP and the founder of the Hasso Plattner Institute, affiliated with the University of Potsdam, Germany. Bernd Leukert is a member of the SAP Executive Board and the Global Managing Board of SAP.

Performance Dashboards

In Performance Dashboards, Second Edition, author Wayne Eckerson explains what dashboards are, where they can be used, and why they are important to measuring and managing performance. As Director of Research for The Data Warehousing Institute, a worldwide association of business intelligence professionals, Eckerson interviewed dozens of organizations that have built various types of performance dashboards in different industries and lines of business. 

The integrated Datahub: the next generation Data Warehouse

Finally a reference architecture and a set of best practices that reflect the reality of modern businesses. Combining the best of Inmon's and Kimball's world , adding a lot of common sense there , innovative concepts and a real desire to help the datawarehouse architects to make their projects a real success

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