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SAP analytics software not only can connect to Salesforce data, it can also run embedded into the Salesforce application. See how


a wealth of third party and inhouse extensions available for SAP Analytics and Business Intelligence software


MySmartApp allows for highly engaging Fiori-style analytic apps for Design Studio to be created by business users without any coding


The SAP Digital Boardroom is probably the most innovative analytics capability existing on the market. Real-time detailed insights on a full closed loop


User interfaces are evolving constantly. But what would be the ultimate user interface. The answer is: No user interface at all anymore


Intelligent Enterprise are surrounding us. There is a highly usefull app showing the latest innovations amongst Machine Learning and others. Find the app here.


Embedded in SalesForce: SAP BI Suite

Many enterprises run SalesForce to follow up on customers and customer activities. How great would it be if you could run you business intelligence reports and dashboards as part of that environment: business intelligence embedded in SalesForce? It would allows SalesForce users to immediately see a customers metrics report while following up on customer activities. The same users might want to use a report or dashboard to review the SalesForce data itself.


The development work of embedding SAP BI into SalesForce is relatively low. The work for below video was done in several hours mainly focussing on the SalesForce canvas. No (read: No) BI content nore data needs to be replicated or imported: all data, files and objects remain where they are. For the BI components, this means they remain where they are on the BI platform.

Below example is on the following situation:

  • SAP BW and Salesforce data are blended together in SAP Lumira. Via mutual attributes the data is joined (to be specific: blended) and compared.

  • A storyboard is created composing of both BW as Salesforce data

  • The storyboard is embedded in the SalesForce application itself. We used the SalesForce Canvas technology to do so. In the meantime SSO is embedded too. The embedded storyboard remains it's full functionality.

  • SAP WebIntelligence reports have been created in parallel to both reflect SalesForce data itself, as to provide interactive (!) insights in customer metrics and follow-up

  • I didn't embed a DesignStudio example in below video, though this could easily be done: any component of the SAP BI Suite can run in SalesForce

A detailed overview of the technical set-up, system requirements and overall capabilities can be found in this article

There is also some documentation on the Salesforce Connector for SAP Analytics which you can find in this document.

The video starts showing SAP BI embedded into the SalesForce application. The 2nd part shows how I created a blended analyses on both BW and SalesForce data using SAP Lumira 


Analytics Extensions Directory

With the SAP Business Intelligence suite for on premise deployments and SAP BusinessObjects Cloud for cloud driven analytics, SAP is one of the leading providers in the analytics market space. One of the advantages that comes with this position, is that both partners and internal enthusiasts try to get the best out of the software and start levergaing SDK's, VizPacker and others to create stunning extensions. All extensions are now available through the SAP Analytics Extensions Directory. It is an absolute "must-read"for anybody being passionate on analytics. AN introduction deck on the analytics extensions directory can be found here. I collected some additional information for you regarding this remarkable directory:


SAP's Digital Boardroom innovates analytics

Probably the most innovative analytics capability of the last couple of years, is SAP's Digital Boardroom. I think I have mentioned many times here, that "your meeting will never be the same", for the very simple reason that your meeting will never be the same.

The Digital Boardroom is the ultimate facility to monitor, measure and simulate the heartbeat of your enterprise real-time and with online access to the detailed transactional data. Composing of three touch screens, the Digital Boardroom provides a full cockpit overview of your enterprise performance covering analytics & business intelligence, planning and predictive analytics. We call this the Closed Loop portfolio of analytics and I haven't seen any vendor doing this so wonderful.

A few elements are key when judging and considering the Digital Boardroom

  • Realtime: the Digital Boardroom works in real-time accessing in-memory platforms ensuring stunning performance

  • Online: everything is online; no latency or disruption

  • Access to transactional detail: the Digital Boardroom is not about summarized information, but about consolidated information. It means every transactional detail is embedded and accessible

  • Simulation: respecting the closed loop portfolio of analytics, the digital boardroom integrates analytics and business planning. Concretely it means that one can simulate: adjusting the planning numbers will immediately show the simulated outcome in the analytics numbers. As such it allows you during your meetings to simulate the outcome of certain business decisions

  • Integrated planning: like above, the integrated planning module provides you online insights in your planning s-cycles, budgets and rolling-performance

  • Integrated predictive analytics; handling your big data can only be done systematically when using predictive models. The digital boardroom has a number of key R algorithms embedded

  • Tap and answer questions on the fly. The touch-screens are a great interface. Just walk to the digital boardroom, tap any information and drill down, simulate, explore or zoom any insights.

It is BusinessObjects Cloud that drives the content of the Digital Boardroom. As such the visual capabilites of the Digital Boardroom comes with all powerful capabilities of BusinessObjects Cloud like:

  • interactive charts

  • GEO maps with polygon select

  • customizable input controls

  • chart and story interdependancy

  • highly advanced colorcoding and treshold settings

  • full self-service

  • Cloud solution running and leveraging the HANA Cloud Platform HCP

  • alerts, tasks and agendaplanning

  • full collaboartion

Below video gives a glimpse of what the Digital Boardroom is all about. Be amazed by it's power like I am.

Digital Boardroom a

Digital Boardroom a

Digital Boardroom c

Digital Boardroom c

Digital Boardroom b

Digital Boardroom b

Users Respond

Needless to say how excited some of the users of the Digital Boardroom are. Their coments on the right.

The first boardrooms are rolled out in running in production with a number of customers. If I see the interest for the boardroom in the market, SAP better puts sufficient stock on their shelves :-)

Now available: Win the Board

I am pretty sure you want to discover what the Digital Boardroom could mean for you. You might want to experience the boardroom yourself. That is now possible with the Win The Board website which you can access here.

No need to amplify

Don't think I need to amplify on tha value of belows example of another Digital Boardroom scenario. Simply stunning ! This example also has predictive modeling embedded. 

The developers of this boardroom went another step in showing the visual capabilities. In the video there is a section where I focus on the monitoring of the infrastructure. See how the interdependancy of the different systems is being visualized and monitored real-time.

Cloud Analytics: USer Adoption

With all the buzz around Cloud ANalytics and the Digital Boardroom, you'll be as much interested as me on how the customer adoption towards Cloud based analytical applications nowadays is. I dud a survey for you and listed down the mst important conclusions here.


mySmartApp extension to SAP Design Studio

mySmartApp is a single, self-contained, end-to-end component which allows the very rapid design and deployment of visually appealing, engaging analytical apps without the need for any coding, in a browser-based environment with run-time configuration wizard for easy definition of content using a variety of layout options and consumption patterns.

MySmartApp is a remarkable innovation. Anything about it can be read here. Recently the app further evolved. Click the screenshot on the right to see its latest enhancements. The factsheet on MySmartApp including a link to a free trial is here


the best user interface is NO user interface at all - meet Alexa

User interfaces are evolving with lightning speed. The reason for that is in the word "simplicity". With software solutions getting more powerfull every time - bringing more and complex features and functionality -, the accompanying user interfaces tend to follow this, and get overloaded with buttons, whistles and bells to allow the user to access all the capabilities. Software vendors recognized this issue, and started to simplify their user interfaces. The best known example here is of course Google: One button and One search field does it all.


Also SAP is a trend-setter in this and their Run Simple program is a great example of how user interface are made simpler for users. Simple user interfaces in the end mean better user adoption and better use of the software. The Fiori based interfaces are a great example of this.

I recently had a discussion on this with my colleague Frederik Op De Beeck. He is an expert on the HCP Hana Cloud Platform and deals a lot with interfaces. When he mentioned to me that he expects that the future User Interface will basically NO interface at all, he blew me away ........ "no interface at all ... ? ..."

Time to sort out what he really meant to say. Time also to understand what "no interface" means to business analytics. The agreement was to have a discussion with three: Frederik promised to bring an expert to our discussion. But where was this expert during our conversation? Find out below and meet "invisible Alexa"!

If you are interested in understanding a bit more on the exact technology behind this, Frederik provides a very clear demonstration below talking the background of Voicecommand driven user interfaces.


Intelligent Enterprise: new app available with stunning examples on Machine Learning and more

The intelligent enterprises start surrounding us. Now there is an app with some of the best examples on how intelligent enterprise is applied. You can download the app here.

After installation please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you are connected to Internet

  2. Open Settings on your iPad/iPhone

  3. Go to General > Device Management > SAP Canada

  4. Trust SAP Canada

  5. Open the app again

The app showcases a number of examples for the intelligent enterprise:

  1. Invoice Matching

  2. Social Media Customer Service

  3. Automated Sales Forecast

  4. Real-Time Recommenders

  5. CV Matching

  6. Machine Learning Platform

hoover and click the pictures for more detail

Intelligent Enterprise SAP

Intelligent Enterprise SAP

Intelligent Enterprise SAP

Intelligent Enterprise SAP

Intelligent Enterprise SAP

Intelligent Enterprise SAP

Intelligent Enterprise SAP

Intelligent Enterprise SAP

Intelligent Enterprise SAP

Intelligent Enterprise SAP

The app composes of demo's and accompanying videos. Amongst them is a very onteresting one on Machine Learning

Invoice Matching

Invoice Matching

Social Media Customer Service

Social Media Customer Service

Automated Sales Forecast_1340

Automated Sales Forecast_1340

Real-Time Recommendations

Real-Time Recommendations

CV Matching

CV Matching

Machine Learning Platform Services

Machine Learning Platform Services

Logo Detection

Logo Detection


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