Innovations that matter - Part II

Innovations that matter, using Analytics that matter

Connected Soldiers: condition of assets


It is called Connected Soldiers, but his innovation is really on connecting almost anything within a modern army: flights, ships, assets and soldiers. The below video comments on these innovations, but I wanted to highlight one specific one: condition of assets. You'd probably agree that if there is a single thing not allowed to happen, it is damaging of repairs and assets for an i.e. Apache helicopter while in mission. Having sensors placed in any crucial asset of the helicopter being streamed into a SAP HCP Platform allows ground control to monitor condition in real-time. Predictive algorithms of the PAL Library (embedded into HCP) run on the fly on the data, predicting in real-time is any asset needs to have preventative maintenance. It safes lives and missions.Using 3D plotting techniques, the asset affected is immediately visualized for further insights. 



the challenge to do things you didn't realize are in you


Bank of the Future

Imagine you as a consumer consider buying a property and want to discuss with your bank account manager. How about using augmented reality allowing you to exactly show, explain and experience the property you wish to buy with your bank? Together with our bank account manager you can discuss the property you wish to buy; whilst all property details can be - literally - reviewed online. You both can "visit" the property, review it's conditions and negotiate the best loan or mortgage suitable, being connected to all your private financial information too. Because you can review in real-time, insurance requirements are taken into account too.


The bank of the future runs the SAP HCP platform allowing for real-time insights and moreover allowing to utilize the SAP Ariba network where needed: if you'd require to have some additional investments done on the property, one can immediately get in touch with a specialist and take his proposal into account for your mortgage. Or if you need a brokered to handle buying negotiations, he'd be part of the discussion in real-time. Buying a property becomes a real one-stop-shop-experience you as a customer handle together with your local bank account manager.


Of course the above is just one element of the bank of the future. Talking to bank institutions learn us that banks massively go Digital. Personal and business banking becomes a complete digital process and all of the large scaled bank have started that journey already.

Industry samples of Innovative optimizations

The innovations mentioned her eon my website, are just a few examples. It doesn't require a lot of creativity to imagine way more examples. Instead of naming them all individually, I believe it is more worthwhile that I give you an overview of the Industries currently covered with these kind of innovations. You can find that overview here.

Connected Cars - bi-directional influence

"I have seen that before", when I start mentioning an innovation on connected cars. Tesla and others are sharing their progress every day with us. But this innovation is slightly different: the innovation first of all is about bi-directional connectivity. Not only is any element (speed, gravity etc) streamed online into SAP HCP, it is also possible to influence the car characteristics (speed, set-up etc) from distance. The conditions of the car's assets are real-time monitored and any broken asset can be ordered for replacement via SAP Ariba network. Using SAP BusinessObjects Cloud as business analytics tool, the operators have real-time analytical insights on anything happening with the cars. Also here, predictive algorithms monitor permanently and predict preventative maintenance on the fly.

Bu there is more: imagine when the crash each other. Apart from the fact that this is being alerted real-time, the asset sensors in the cars also register what damage is being done, and leverage the underlying S/4HANA operations to trigger an immediate order for a spare part repairing the damage. How about that !