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SAP Lumira and SAP Design Studio converge into ONE tool

SAP recently announced the convergence of SAP Lumira and SAP Design Studio into ONE tool. The announcement is in light of the SAP simplification program. I think this is great news bringing a visualization tool that combines both self-service analytics with professional and authored dashboarding. This combination is second to none, and will be hard to beat in the analytics market offerings: it will be the only single solution for both data discovery and data-blending, combined with enterpirse, managed dashboarding.

Today there is already the possibility to export Design Studio content to Lumira: a use case could be a user reviewing his shop performance insights with Design Studio. This user can filter, sort and slice and dice with his data. However, the moment that the user wants to blend his shop performance data with for example wheather reports (to see if the wheater influences shop performance), he needs to export his Design Studio data onto Lumira. In Lumira one can blend the data with other data (i.e. wheater info). The interaction the other way around - bringing a Lumira storyboard directly into Design Studio - is not possible today. After the announced convergence between SAP Lumira and SAP Design Studio, it is !

Below is an overview of the announcement with a number of key highlights:

  • Lumira and Design Studio will share ONE combined server add-in

  • 2 desktop clients optimized for different personas

  • Design Studio gains offline BW connectivity on top of the online BW connectivity

  • Lumira gains online BW connectivity (enheriting it from DS) on top of the offline connectivity

  • no license impact

  • rampup in April - 2017 and GA July - 2017

  • the name will be SAP Lumira 2.0

I have seen some first cut demo's and the Lumira 2.0 product looks very nice. Fiori based user interface with full re-usable components (imagine a footer that is always the same in all your dashboards; one can re-use it), embedded and clustered ESRI and many, many more. The number of embedded templates allows to create a self-service enterprise dashboard with full detail in a matter of minutes.

Find the movie explaining the roadmap below as well as some screenshots. The pdf version of the roadmap is here.


See LUMIRA 2.0 at work

Get a glimpse of the new expected product

We have some breaking news for you; you can already get a glimpse of the expected product below:

  • discover the Fiori-like user interface

  • see the interoperability between enterprise washboarding & applications, together with self-service data exploration. Promote a elf-service story into a full functional enterprise application inputs a few clicks

  • see the SAP BW online data discovery connection at work

LUMIRA 2.0 full of feautures

Simpler yet richer

Lumira 2.0 will bring a wealth of features, yet way simpler to use. One server component with two, Fiori-like interfaces that permanently lower the barrier for end-users for self-service BI. Increased interactivity, data-mashup and online BW connectivity, to name a few. My personal favourite: reusable components everywhere!. A good insight on the features you can expect can be found in this document.


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