Choosing the right BI component: tool to help you out choosing which BI component best needs end use

Choosing the right BI component for your user can be a difficult exercise. BI-users tend to ask the maximum of features and functions, whereas their requirements for logical BI functionality might outline otherwise.

I can help you with these choices. Therefore the BI component selection tool might be of use to you. Simply select the logical BI functionalities that apply to your users, and the tool narrows down the best suited BI components.

This video shows you a little demonstration of the tool. Interested ? Go to download LUMS file choosing a BI component and download the LUMS file.

To use the tool you will need SAP Lumira. The free Personal Edition of Lumira can be downloaded here.

An explanatory blog diving into the topic of selecting BI components for users, is available in this article from Iver van de Zand.

Below some interesting video-links in case you or your team are interested in reviewing some Lumira demonstrations:

Enjoy !


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