Let me live the analytics dream: a look into the very near future of analytics in the cloud

The difficulty is that companies nowadays need the majority of these components. This causes an infrastructure with various software products that run simultaneously but also interact with each other. Think also about the governance that they need to secure to ensure everybody uses the same definitions and only acts with data where one is authorized to. If I – on top - remark that most of these components overlap in functionality, you know that choosing the right BI components for the right user, is a challenge. That’s why I created a great tool to help you make the correct and funded choices.

Cloud models can cover part of the complexity described above. Cloud saves companies from maintaining the variety of components. Not having to bother on system maintenance, software version control or uptime is a great advantage that many companies drive to bring their applications into the Cloud.

But …. What If …… What if I could have one solution for all users that serves all BI purposes?! One that aligns with the overwhelming Digital Transformations like being able to seamlessly blend unstructured data sources or interact with all varieties of BigData…. One that covers dash boarding, agile or self-service BI, predictive and prescriptive analytics. One that lets me discuss and collaborate with others on insights and follow up …. a solution that – on top – runs fully in the cloud driven by in memory technology…..

For us people being passionate about insights and analytics, the idea of one solution for all users for all purposes has long been something like an unbearable dream never becoming reality. 2015 However will be memorable since it is the year we can live our dream. A full Cloud driven solution is now available to us, and first insights are impressive. It will make our profession again more interesting; easier but also shifting into new eras as integration with planning, Google docs and business network.

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