Let the expert speak: Prof. Dr. Rolf Hithert explaining visualization standards

This week SAP organized a web event on data visualization standards. Special guest was Prof. Dr. Rolf Hichert who is an authority on standards for visualizations applying his SUCCES formula. I have written about his standards which are now being adopted by IBCS.

The event was a real eye-opener with some very nice examples of best practices that you can implement right away. By comparing bad- and good ways of visualizing data, Prof. Dr. Hichert really came to the point. Especially the combined absolute and relative variance charts showed how easy it is to make mistakes. Also watch the way he stresses correct use of scaling: I think any of us made the obvious mistake of plotting multiple charts next to each other all having different scaling. It impressed me quite a lot.

I am myself an active and certified member of the International Business Communication Standards comittee.

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