Amazing capabilities of self-service BI Tools: VORA and D3

Today’s self-service business intelligence tools evolve at stunning speed. Quite understandable given the success of agile organizations in the era of Digital Transformation. Amongst others, agility means analytical interactivity in real-time to structured and unstructured data aiming at getting insights at any moment. Two of the latest capabilities of self-service business intelligence tools are demonstrated in this section.

Connecting to SAP Vora using SAP Lumira

The new SAP HANA Vora product is an in-memory query engine for Apache Spark and Hadoop. SAP Vora allows to easily access Spark clusters and Hadoop and brings data enrichment and exploration. It uses the power of in-memory computing with SAP HANA to analyze big data stored in Hadoop. Therefor one can make more precise decisions through greater contextual awareness of the big data. The self-service SAP Lumira tool can now access SAP Vora allowing to visualize your big data. Below video shows you how easy it is to set-up the SAP Lumira connection onto SAP Vora.

Discover the world of open source visualization extensions

You are all aware SAP Lumira is open to open-source D3 extensions. This opens a wealth of possibilities realizing over 15.000 extensions are available on the Internet. They can be used free of charge in SAP Lumira. Using the embedded VizPacker facility, the code for the extension can be adopted and adjusted in Lumira. Some of the best extensions are demonstrated in the next video.

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