SAP BI Suite 4.2: review of the most important new features and capabilities

SAP has announced the SAP BI Suite 4.2 platform release of their well-known business intelligence suite. The new version which is currently in ramp up phase but will become publicly available in March 2016, brings tons of new features putting the platform at even greater distance to be the most mature and capable BI platform on the market. I have been discovering and reviewing the new BI 4.2 platform and below are some of the great new things I discovered.

If I may list a top 5 of the most important new enhancements, it would be as follows:

The above is my personal top 5; I am really happy with the direct and online access of WebIntelligence towards SAP HANA allowing for operational business intelligence on big data. With the additional capabilities of Lumira and DesignStudio 1.6 for online access to HANA views, SAP now has an extremely powerful offering in getting insights in operational, real-time data.

Overview of new features in SAP BI Suite 4.2

SAP did a lot of good work on this release. The enhancements and enrichments of the platform are divided over following areas:

  • BI Platform enhancements

  • WebIntelligence enhancements

  • Crystal Reports for Enterprise and Crystal Reports 2016

  • Semantic Layer: Universe new features

  • SAP Mobile BI

  • Analysis for OLAP: new capabilities

  • SDK enrichments

  • New Data Access and Platform Support capabilities

The overview list of everything I noticed is here:

To make life a bit easier for you, I made a full overview of everything:

TIP: On my best practices channel I have this dedicated playlist with more than 15 deep dive technical demonstrations for all of the new features: i.e. commenting, the new administrator's cockpit, parallel querying, linked universes, shared elements and many more !!

A full list of all enhancements and capabilities of SAP BI Suite 4.2

If you are interested in more detail, you might want to look at this video. Furthermore, SAP has published detailed decks on all new features in the SAP BI 4.2 Suite via this link.

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