Let me consolidate: self-service BI on top of online Financial Consolidation - SAP BFC HANA and SAP

Interactive, self-service business intelligence is finding her way through all parts of organizations, but also through different information areas. One that always had "her own" way of visualizing insights has been Financial Consolidation. In a sense this might be understandable; data-structures of Financial Consolidation applications can be challenging with hierarchal accounts, filters and data-scope need to be set really accurately to make sense, and data is typically in huge volumes causing uncomfortable browsing. However on the other side the Financial Controller also has the requirement browse and interact with his consolidated financial data. His role - as part of the Office of Finance - is changing into a way more influential one in steering organizations. What is needed in an online connectivity of self-service BI components towards a Financial Consolidation system that runs on a in-memory platform. With SAP we have made this possible by having SAP BFC running on SAP HANA. Analytical and calculated views on the BFC HANA model can be natively, in real-time, accessed by SAP Lumira. Highly innovative and bringing a number of capabilities to the Office of Finance, Financial Controller and the CFO:

  • self-service visualizations, data browsing and storytelling on Financial Consolidation data on the fly

  • hierarchal drill down in report units, times series, countries and cost centers

  • online and real-time BI on top of Financial Consolidation data

  • easy filtering, changing of scope

  • data integration and blending with other data sources

The above is just one of the few advantages. If you want to see it working, have a look at below video I created.

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