Manage the details in Banking: dash boarding and reporting at transaction level

Like any industry, the banking sector has its own little merits and specialties when it comes to insights, monitoring and reporting. I work with them all the time, and one of the complaints I always here is that mid-level management requires to have access to the detailed transactions when needed. No issue, one would think, if it wasn't for the ridiculous amounts of data. Luckily companies like SAP have such a wealth of expertise and technology, that they have dedicated teams for all industries amongst banking. The teams compose of industry experts who work closely with product teams like for example business analytics.

The results are stunning: Banker's dash boarding applications handling transactional data in in-memory systems or even in the Cloud, and providing full analytics integrations from dash boarding onto reporting or self-service BI. The user could start from top-level on consolidated data, and drill-though to the transactional level without any latency. GEO-spatial driven risk reporting allows to drill-down or even start stress-testing.

Below a glimpse of what the impressive analytics capabilities for Banking are. It's just a glimpse: if you want to know more, get in touch with me.

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