Breaking: 1.000 copies sold Passionate On Analytics

How proud can you be? This week the 1.000st copy of my book Passionate On Analytics was sold. The buyer is Patrick Van Deven, Managing Director of SAP BeLux. Patrick clearly showed his interest in the book and what we were doing with this website. One of his questions was how I thought the market of Cloud analytics was evolving. Below video shows a little conversation I had with Patrick Van Deven talking about the book, the website and analytics in the Cloud.

After the interview Patrick and I talked a bit more about this website and what to expect the next months. I told him it fits in some broader plans. In 2015 I started blogging about analytics via a public blog-site. Quite quickly this lead to over 30.000 unique visitors. Only that fact inspired me to start writing a book and share my knowledge and experience. Given I talk about interactive analytics every single day, I decided the book should be interactive too. Readers should be able to swipe, zoom-in, and scroll through illustrations, photos and videos. They also should be able to compare before and after situations in for example visualizations enhancements. The book Passionate On Analytics was launched in February 2016.

For 2016, I had only one big plan: the blog-site should be replaced by a decent website that accompanies the style, lay-out and structure of the book. Enthusiasm thrills, so I pushed the website forward and as of March 2016 it was live. You are reading it right now.

So I adjusted my plan for the rest of this year. Only one thing is key: Content. I will absolutely focus on delivering content about any analytics related domain. Of course the focus will be on the things that are actual and important to analytics nowadays: Cloud, IoT, the closed loop portfolio and Digital Transformation. Next to that, I'll spend quite some content on what I belief is key in analytics: standardization of visualization techniques. For the latter I am a strong believer of the IBCS|Success! formula bas on Hithert principles.

See how the passion evolved and where it all lead to:

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