BI Suite 4.2 - Get excited with a BI platform that is ready for Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation brings us IoT, BigData, connected networks and digital business. It also brings us the necessity for the closed loop portfolio in analytics.

When it comes to an Enterprise Business Intelligence platform that can handle all of the above, one simply concludes at following core requirements:

  • scalability

  • performance

  • integration

  • governance

One of the leading solutions for enterprise BI platforms is the SAP BI Suite. Recently launched in it's 4.2 flavor, this platform is second to none. If have prepared a document for you that covers all of the latest enhancements in this solution. I went the "extra mile"and accompanied every new feature with a little video showing what the feature is and how it works. On my Youtube channel there is an overview too.

Download the document with all the new features of SAP Business Intelligence Suite 4.2 here.

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