Enterprise reporting: unlock the detail and enrich corporate data with external insights onto a Mobi

Business users now require a lot from their enterprise analytics platforms. They require to have corporate insights at the lowest detail. They also expect consolidated and visualized insights, combined with detailed overview at their fingertips. But most of all, they require to entich or blend theur corporate data with data that comes from either other systems or even outside their enterpise. Oh yes, and can it please all be governed and secure?


Let's simulate following scenario:

A CFO or somebody from the Office of Finance looks at his corporate dashboard with consolidated data, that covers onto the transactional level. The dashboard provides the CFO with the KPI's for both revenue and cost. Our CFO navigates through the different KPI's that provide:

  • performance insights

  • performance against treshold

  • trend-indicators of the KPI's

  • depending on the KPI, insights on GEO spatial allocation, times series or decision trees

Looking at his Order Income KPI, the CFO requires a different perspective of insights, and drags and drops the according attributes to his needs. He now gets the idea to compare actuals versus budget ratio, against forecast and (!) against some Reuters data on market growth he got from a purchased survey. The company's forecast is in an external system, as is the Reuters data.

From within his corporate dashboard, our CGO starts with self-service BI and easily blends the external forecast information. In a second steps he also picks up the Reuters data that resides in the survey.

In a few minutes he combines his corporate dashboard data with the external forecast and Reuters data. Now he wants to share this with a colleague who is abroad. The CFO publishes his result onto the BI portal and marks his analyses to be available on a Mobile device. His colleague receives a message and opens the CFO's analyses from his mobile device. This person studies the analyses, makes some annotations and delegates some activities to his team-members.

See below video with the workflow. At the end of the video, I show a similar situation where a Retail store managers requires to create his own report starting from within a consolidated store management dashboard.

Step by Step

Following steps apply in thi scenario:

  1. Review the performance insights with availability of detailed transactions data

  2. CFO selects his view of the data and navigate to self-service BI area

  3. CFO adds external data for forecast and Reuters market growth

  4. The combination of corporate financial data, forecast data and Reuters information is enriched and some additional hierachies, formula's and qulaity issues are applied

  5. The CFO creates a storyboard of the new blended combination of data and updates this to the portal

  6. After indicating the storyboard to be available for mobile devices, a message is send to one of the CFO's delegates

  7. The delegate receives a message on his mobile devices and studies the storyboard

  8. The delegate annotates a certain information-section to be further explored and sends an email with a link to one of his teammembers for action

  9. ..

  10. ..

  11. In an other secnario a retail store manager studies all insights on his store

  12. He studies the various KPI's on staff, customers, revenue and visit-intensity (IoT based sensor data)

  13. The store manager requires a customized report on best buying customers

  14. The store manager ticks the customer detail and creates his new report which he can share on the BI portal

Below some screenshots of the two story flows

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