SAP Design Studio: "only for developers because one needs to script all the time"........ I won't tell how many times I heart this dogma coming up. It even brought me to a state of doubt. The only thing I could do, was to deep dive and check for myself starting my own Design Studio journey.

Well, I can be very clear on things. Working and developing with SAP Design Studio is not difficult at all. Creating an advanced dashboard application is a matter of 1 or 2 days, and certainly not weeks. As of version 1.5 and later, the coding or scripting is limited to only a few occasions. The scripting itself is self-regulating meaning you are basically guided by Design Studio if you would need a few lines of script.

Because the non-believers are always there, I'll prove to them in my journey that Design Studio evolved in a dashboarding tool that is easily accessible for any analytics enthusiast. Your users will love the results you create; I can speak for myself.

The journey taught me also how stunningly powerful SAP Design Studio is. Basically the limitations are defined by your own creativity. The level of dashboarding quality you can easily get of of Design Studio is better than anything I have seen on the market. The flexibility, the visualization qualities, the openess and performance; they are all aspects that impress.

My biggest lesson-learned was the fun I experienced working with the product. Creating enterprise analytical applications is really fun to do ... I little addicting even !!

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