Your meeting will never be the same: Digital Boardroom

SAP's Digital Boardroom innovates analytics

Probably the most innovative analytics capability of the last couple of years, is SAP's Digital Boardroom. I think I have mentioned many times here, that "your meeting will never be the same", for the very simple reason that your meeting will never be the same.

The Digital Boardroom is the ultimate facility to monitor, measure and simulate the heartbeat of your enterprise real-time and with online access to the detailed transactional data.

Composing of three touch screens, the Digital Boardroom provides a full cockpit overview of your enterprise performance covering analytics & business intelligence, planning and predictive analytics. We call this the Closed Loop portfolio of analytics and I haven't seen any vendor doing this so wonderful.

A few elements are key when judging and considering the Digital Boardroom

  • Realtime: the Digital Boardroom works in real-time accessing in-memory platforms ensuring stunning performance

  • Online: everything is online; no latency or disruption

  • Access to transactional detail: the Digital Boardroom is not about summarized information, but about consolidated information. It means every transactional detail is embedded and accessible

  • Simulation: respecting the closed loop portfolio of analytics, the digital boardroom integrates analytics and business planning. Concretely it means that one can simulate: adjusting the planning numbers will immediately show the simulated outcome in the analytics numbers. As such it allows you during your meetings to simulate the outcome of certain business decisions

  • Integrated planning: like above, the integrated planning module provides you online insights in your planning cycles, budgets and rolling-performance

  • Integrated predictive analytics; handling your big data can only be done systematically when using predictive models. The digital boardroom has a number of key R algorithms embedded

  • Tap and answer questions on the fly. The touch-screens are a great interface. Just walk to the digital boardroom, tap any information and drill down, simulate, explore or zoom any insights.

It is BusinessObjects Cloud that drives the content of the Digital Boardroom. As such the visual capabilites of the Digital Boardroom comes with all powerful capabilities of BusinessObjects Cloud like:

  • interactive charts

  • GEO maps with polygon select

  • customizable input controls

  • chart and story interdependancy

  • highly advanced colorcoding and treshold settings

  • full self-service

  • Cloud solution running and leveraging the HANA Cloud Platform HCP

  • alerts, tasks and agendaplanning

  • full collaboartion

Below video gives a glimpse of what the Digital Boardroom is all about. Be amazed by it's power like I am.

This is another deployment on the Digital Boardroom worth a watch

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