the best user interface is NO user interface at all - meet Alexa

User interfaces are evolving with lightning speed. The reason for that is in the word "simplicity". With software solutions getting more powerfull every time - bringing more and complex features and functionality -, the accompanying user interfaces tend to follow this, and get overloaded with buttons, whistles and bells to allow the user to access all the capabilities. Software vendors recognized this issue, and started to simplify their user interfaces. The best knwon example here is of course Google: One button and One search field does it all.

Also SAP is a trend-setter in this and their Run Simple program is a great example of how user interface are made simpler for users. Simple user interfaces in the end mean better user adoption and better use of the software. The Fiori based interfaces are a great example of this.

I recently had a discussion on this with my colleague Frederik Op De Beeck. He is an expert on the HCP Hana Cloud Platform and deals a lot with interfaces. When he mentioned to me that he expects that the future User Interface will basically NO interface at all, he blew me away ........ "no interface at all ... ? ..."

Time to sort out what he really meant to say. Time also to understand what "no interface" means to business analytics. The agreement was to have a discussion with three: Frederik promised to bring an expert to our discussion. But where was this expert during our conversation? Find out below and meet "invisible Alexa"!

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