SAP Lumira: remarkable GEO extension with Visual Crossing

The success of the enterprise business intelligence suites also means the eco-system of technical partners starts working very well. These partners often create extensions (data or visual extensions) that meet a very specific purpose. Most of these extensions are now beautifully categorized in the Extensions Directory.

Once in a while I come across extensions that just have that little bit extra. They are remarkable and do things we often see. The GEO extension of Visual Crossing is exactly that.

Visual Crossing is an SAP Lumira extension focussing on GEO spatial analytics. It has tremendous amount of formatting options, but to me the filtering options are second to none. One can make multiple (polygon) selections and even compare them. Also trade area analyses are possible to calculate the number of customers in a self-selected area for example. Also drive distance to a selected location is possible. Below a little demo I created after testing the extension for some time.

One tip before you start: ensure you transform all Latitude and Longitude columns into Text format using 5 digits (to get the necessary detail). Having the Lat and Lon's as measures won't work. It saves you an hour searching why things don't work out, like I had to do :-)

Below you'll find a detailed demo delivered by the people of Visual Crossing themselves. The extension can be downloaded from their website as trial. It comes with two very useful datasets and good handouts and tutorials to set everything up.

I belief that Visual Crossing is a real value add on top of what SAP Lumira brings of the shelve for GEO analyses. Some features are really impressive and not seen before.

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