can we have a chat Mr. and Mrs. "Analytics Extensions Directory"?

Well good morning Mr. and Mrs "analytics extension directory", I just visited your brand new website, and am absolutely impressed with it. Can we have a chat about it?

The leading, most used enterprise business intelligence suites have something in common: they all serve extremely large user communities with often very pro-active users all trying to get the most out of the components. This drives a second very important eco-system of technology partners who pick up on specific requirements of customers and create software extensions on the enterprise business intelligence components. Those requirements can be either on data or visualization extensions and cover functionality that is maybe not part of the enterprise business intelligence package or is featured too limited.

Looking at the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise suite, the worldwide user community is just huge and growing extensively. In parallel we see enterprises adopt on Digital Transformation affecting users to have more and more specific requirements. Two ingredients that “feed” the partner ecosystem perfectly, and as such the number of extensions for data access or visualizations on top of the BusinessObjects suite is big.

Search and get lost, or …….. Analytics Extension Directory

Growth and expansion also often mean “growing pains”; finding the best extension for a specific need was difficult with all offerings spread over the Internet. Luckily, some smart people within SAP picked up on this and launched this brilliant idea: why not bring all the analytics partner extensions together? It helps customers, developers and key users of SAP analytics to quickly review:

  • if their specific requirement is covered by an extension

  • what different options they have and compare them

  • where they can get the extension

  • what components of the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise suite are supported

  • whether the extension is payable or not

The analytics extensions directory is a relief. Have a look at the above video and you'll notice how easy it is to find something or narrow down the overview to your needs. All extensions can be rated by partners or customers and one quickly sees which one are free of charge, payable or for example do have certifications.

Good news: verified and up-to-date

The best news is that the analytics extensions directory not only brings all extensions in one comprehensive overview (so you can compare everything), there is a dedicated team behind it that ensures the overview is up-to-date at any time. You might think "of course, there is", but be aware that extensions can be created by anybody (also you and me) and bear with me realizing that maintaining everything is not an easy job. As a user you are also assured that the extensions work with the latest software version and service packs of the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Suite.

In the spotlight

In this post I highlighted already one of the latest GEO extensions, but in this article I want to ask your attention for two extensions I experience as very well perceived by my customers:


Galigeo focusses on GEO spatial extension and deliver state of art technology applying to all (!) important components of the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise suite. The Galigeo GEO extensions are fully customizable on also work with local ESRI ArcGIS servers. Galigeo's lead technology architect Vincent Dechandon writes excellent posts regarding their solutions and you definitely need to read this one.


You already noticed I have something special with the technique of visualization itself; it keeps a challenge how to use visualization in such a way that your message is indisputable and consistently communicated. Users should have no doubt how to interpret your message. IBCS to gather with Faisst/Hichert have done great work with their S.U.C.C.E.S.S. formula and one of the outcomes is the Graphomate extension.

A wealth of extensions

The number of offerings on extensions is overwhelming. The analytics extension directory has over 250 extensions and growing every day. Enjoy below video with some examples:

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