Let Me Guide you series: respecting conditional formatting while drilling down or though

".. Iver, can your SAP BusinessObjects components do drill-down and drill-through while still respecting the conditional formatting applied? ... oh yes, and does the cascading filtering still work in those situations? .." I get these questions all the time, so a good moment to share the things that can be done in this respect using BusinessObjects Enterprise Suite. This time I focus on Lummira when explaining the above.

You might think this is a no-brainer functionality, but bare with me and try it in a number of tools, and conclude like me that ..... hmmmmm ... a lot of them can't.

Before we start, let's have a closer look at the question itself. We want to apply conditional formatting. In SAP Lumira this can easily be done by applying the rules editor that gives plenty of customizations if you'd have a more complex rule. In the above picture which is on forecast accuracy % by Year, I have set up a rule to have anything below 70% in red, between 70% and 92% in orange and above in green. A unique feature in SAP Lumira is that it keeps applying the conditional formatting when you change chart or graph types.

Next we want to drill down. The difference between drill down and drill through is that:

  • within drill-down you "stay" in the same dimension or attribute. For example I drill down from Year to Quarter to Month to Day

  • with drill-through we drill additionally onto another dimension. For example I drill-through from Quarter onto Product Group.

The requirement is that the conditional formatting rules - as indicated above - keep being applied while drilling-down or through. In SAP Lumira this works extremely well.

Now if we apply all the above to a few graphs and bar's, we want to combine them on a storyboard. On that storyboard we want to apply different filters, that act cascading. In the meantime all the conditional formatting needs to keep working properly.

Well, I have taped below video for you, going through all elements step-by-step. SAP Lumira is a powerful product, and we can send a dent "yes" to our customer:-)

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