SP3 is out with some good features

Recently SAP launched SP3 of their BusinessObjects Enterprise Suite 4.2. These service packs are coming every 6 month and often are full of interesting and valuable features. It is the same this time.

BI Sets

The early Set Analysis tool is now being replaced BI Sets. Sets allow you to define complex selections and custom groupings of customers, products or other individual items in a database. Sets allow you to identify and target groups of clients based on criteria that source data allow you to specify. For instance, you may want to select all clients living in a particular geographic area who own homes, are below a certain age, and have children. Sets help you understand how groups and segments contribute to overall performance by simplifying and accelerating the data segmentation process. Sets can help you address the various types of business questions: turnover cross-selling customer scoring (ranking) data sampling segment interaction list management marketing stratification.

When creating BI Sets with SP3, a new container becomes available in the CMS. This container can be fully customized. Everything regarding the new BI Sets can be found here.

Furthermore there is bettered support for linked universes and now also allows to convert linked UNV universes. There is also multi-tenancy support for SAP HANAand (yoohoo) query limit parameters. The full list of enhancements reading universe management is here.


The awaited cascading input parameters are now in. They work remarkably well. This is just one of a full list of enhancements that are very well applied by SAP. For example the scheduling and publication features have again been bettered. When there is no data or the source is not yet fully refreshed, one can prevent publication. These rules can be defined for each publication source document. Web Intelligence 4.2 SP3 introduces a new variable type: reference. A reference is a variable that returns the value of a specified cell in the document. SAP also worked on the shared elements (introduced in SP2) limitations and covered those all in SP3. One of the best enhancements to my stance is the Lat/Lon support for the WebIntelligence GEO maps opening a whole new era of GEO visualizations. The list with all the new features in SP3 is too long to write down here. Please refer to this page to have a complete overview.


Along with the universes and WebIntelligence, their SDK's have also been evolved. Especially the WebIntelligence custom elements and extensions got a good refresh treat. All details on the SDK enhancements are in this article.

Again SAP shows it's commitment to on premise enterprise reporting with the SP3 service pack. The enhancements in there are chosen very carefully and are well implemented. I can see they thoroughly listened to customers, since most of the enhancements are on the wish-list of customers I talk to. Well done !

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