Some are good, few are very good ... advise in selecting a BI component

I often run against presentations and overview decks and some are good, but only a few are very good. I faced the latter with the embedded presentation on SAP's roadmap for analytics and the accompanying BI component selection advise. This is a really useful deck:

  • it provides a clear overview on the roadmap by comparing today's SAP BI components with what is foreseen for 2017

  • The overview has a clear split for on-premise/privat Cloud scenarios versus full cloud via SAP HCP (Hana Cloud Platform)

  • Fo call scenario's it provides a good as-is situation, plus a deep level insight on the roadmap and what is coming up H1 2017

Below is a video with the full deck available. If you require the PDF version, go to the bottom of this page or download here.

There are few things that really make this deck useful and important. Talking the BusinessObjects Cloud product set, it brings a nice overview of what functionality is embedded in what edition also bearing in mind the Digital Boardroom. Well done SAP. Another topic on on-premise BI, is the convergence of SAP Lumira and SAP Design Studio. The principles on that convergence are simple and crystal clear:

  • converge use cases, not features and functions

  • all existing content is safe and will work, so backwards compatibility

  • all BI4.1 clients will remain being supported

  • no forced migrations

The deck provides insights on the convergence roadmap. There is also a FAQ. Well done again, SAP. Also note the slides on enabling business users; you almost might think SAP contact me on this blog:-).

BW Access

Personally I am really happy with the section on SAP BW access. Good guideline for BW users who need to decide what tool to choose to have the best BI functionality. Lot's of this is also embedded in my BI Component Selection tool. Full details on BW access is available here.

Next to BW access, there is a very useful section on interoperability. If you are a frequent visitor of this website, you'd probably know that the interoperability within the SAP BI Suite is key towards scalability of the platform. It allows to offer any functionality to any user and still have everything connected and governed.

The deck ends with an overview of the core functionality of all components.

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