What you missed at SAP TechEd

We all wanna go to SAP TechEd, don't we, but sometimes you're just prevented from going by business or other reasons. Luckily the SAP TechEd team archives the best keynotes, sessions and best practices. They all can be accessed here and I encourage you to have a look. This year's TechEd is just splendid.

Two of the very best keynotes are below:

Irfan Khan - CTO of SAP - explains us what "Running Simple really means in 2016. His session is an absolute must-see providing insights in the latest innovations on Running Simple with your operations.

Björn Goerke is Executive Vice Presiden Product Innovations with SAP and his key note looks into the future of Internet of Things (IoT). I definately recommend watching his presentation since it will show the staggering things you can expect from IoT. I was very impressed!

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