Get a glimpse at Lumira 2.0: roadmap and demo's

When enterpise, managed dashboarding and self-service data discovery come together, we've got an unbeatable combination. We discussed that a few times; the combination is the ulimate way to really win your end-users to your enterprise BI architecture. As expected, SAP decided to further walk that road and recently announced the planned convergence of SAP Design Studio and SAP Lumira into the new Lumira 2.0 component, respecting backwards compatibility. The Lumira 2.0 will play a key role in SAP's on-premise BI offering, next to the fully Cloud-based BusinessObjects Cloud tools with the accompanying Digital Boardroom.

Now imagine that somebody, after mashing up some data sources and creating a storyboard, can seamlessy promote that to an enterpise dashboard application with both offline and online BW connections, simplfied - yet more powerfull graphs - and fully reusable components? We'd likethat, don't we?

This week further details about the upcoming convergence were communicated. Find all details at this page including the full up-to-date Lumira 2.0 roadmap as well as 3 videos:

  • Data discovery user experience

  • Interoperability between enterpise applications & dashboarding, with data discovery

  • online data discovery towards SAP BW

Stay tuned: news and details will come on the next weeks and months. Everything will of course be available on

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