On the road with SAP BusinessObjects Cloud - my journey with best practice demo's

Promise kept: I promised to share my experience with SAP BusinessObjects Cloud, so promise kept and here we go!

Cloud Analytics are having quite some momentum. The technology is mature and whilst many enterprise run a lot of other applications in the cloud anyway, why not run your analytics in the cloud too. To my stance there are a number of good use cases starting using cloud analytics:

Use cases

  1. Compliment to on-premise deployment: the BusinessObjects Cloud solution is great when you want to leverage your on-premise BI and compliment on that. Given the universe access, BusinessObjects Cloud can re-use anything you have prepared and defined in your semantic layers: business definitions, prompts, variables, hierarchies and models. Any project or department in your enterprise initiating new BI projects can use BusinessObjects Cloud to start their BI journey. The product is extremely easy to use, over course leverages the HANA in memory power since it runs on HCP (Hana Cloud Platform) and lastly combines all elements of the Closed Loop Portfolio bringing BI, planning, predictive analytics and governance & risk together in ONEapplication. Users also benefit from the embedded collaboration and alerting facilities. The agility to generate analytics without any additional infrastructure will be loved by lots of you.

  2. Line of business analytics for your cloud applications: if you are already running Cloud applications like Concur, SuccesFactors or Google Docs - to name a few - you definitely benefit from the Cloud-readiness and connectors that come with BusinessObjects Cloud. It makes sense to continue working in the cloud, if your core applications already running there too. In the end the product delivers best-of-breed analytics for data that stays in the Cloud and can mash up data sourced from different Cloud applications.

  3. Extranet Analytics: if you consider providing analytics in a secured way to users outside your firewall (i.e. customers), than BusinessObjects Cloud is your ultimate solution for simply distribution of insights

  4. New BI initiatives: as said above, any new BI initiative will benefit from the hu-ighly agile way of generating analytics without even have to consider any analytics infrastructure. If that isn't agile :-)

Best practices and tutorials using SAP BusinessObjects Cloud

I am working with SAP BusinessObjects Cloud for quite some time now and I haven't regretted it for a second; stable, powerful, countless features and really easy to use. I made some best practice and tutorial videos for you with some hint and tips. Wanna see them? Go here

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