Analyse from within you mobile device: Roambi excels all the way: demo

The value of Roambi to the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio proofs to be very high. The capability of instant insights on a mobile device is rated strongly by my customers. I have been working with Roambi several months now, and every time I notice the easiness of use, the performance and the comfort of being able to work offline when I want. During that time if regularly used the Roambi Blink feature: just pick up your mobile device, import a CSV and of you go. Another one are the integrated views: No, no static dashboards, but interactive one. Have a look at below video, so you'll understand what I mean with interactive ! Creating them is not difficult using the Roambi business module.

You can try Roambi for free here. If you decide to do so, don't forget to try Roambi Flow too. I thought PDF's were static documents; well not anymore after I used Roambi Flow.

Ah, shortly from now Roambi will connect to the Digital Boardroom to. Have a look at the roadmap via this link.

A more detailed video with the full workflow and some best practices using SAP BusinessObjects Roambi is below:

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