In the spotlight: GEO capabilities with BusinessObjects

Insights are about understanding your data and generating valuable information out of it. The word "understanding" is an interesting one, since it implies that the insights we generate require easy understanding for our consumer. It is for this reason that GEO analysis gets huge attention and there are many good reasons for that.

Now the majority of the analytics tools in the market do have GEO capabilities embedded. They allow for decent GEO analytics. Products like SAP BusinessObjects Cloud have very strong ESRI driven GEO capabilities embedded supporting multiple layers, heatmaps, point of interest and from-to-flowmaps. Also the on-premise BI Suites do a good job with their embedded GEO.

Yet, the market brings us some highly interesting GEO extension packages. More and more of my customers take advantage of them. Why? In this highly explanatory post post is clearly explained what the differences are between the standard analytics products and Galigeo GEO extensions.

Ah, and by the way, Galigeo recently released its G17 Release which now adds self-service capabilities for GEO and some other highly useful features.

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