How to set up a live connection to HCP - HANA Cloud Platform

I wrote a few series on the modeling, visualization, planning and predictive capabilities of SAP BusinessObjects Cloud; now it is time to talk about connections. An interesting one in this perspective is the connection to the SAP HCP HANA Cloud Platform. Why? Because it is one of the Live - connectors that comes with the product. No data replication, plus the flexibility of HCP is just huge. To add the example of IoT; HCP has numerous possibilities handling IoT data and is SAP's core architecture for doing so. Just read this page for a start. The live connector allows us to generate insights on everything in HCP.

The steps to go through from SAP BusinessObjects Cloud are simple:

  • Verify your HCP credentials: if you don't have one, try the free edition here.

  • Load your data into HCP and ensure a calculated or analytical view is created

  • set up the HCP connector from within SAP BusinessObjects Cloud

  • create a new model in BusinessObjects Cloud

  • create your story and analytics

In below video we go through these steps one by one. What did I learn? Well apart from the fact that BusinessObjects Cloud works extremely well with HCP - performance, flexibility and functionality -, I noticed that I am gonna spend some time learning HANA Studio a bit better. I have connected my local HANA Studio to my HCP instance and got pretty quickly impressed what can be done here. HANA Studio allows to create/change analytical and calculated views on the fly. Quickly want to create a new formula? It is done in a view with a few clicks. It is important since the connection one makes with BusinessObjects Cloud to HCP is always on either the analytical or calculated view. Being able to adjust those to your needs, definitely helps my analytics.

Interested in more on this topic? Don't forget to read this very good reference article.

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