Rail & Public Transport analytics "mobilized": self-service interactive SAP Design Stu

The Rail and Public Transport industry faces challenges situations when it comes to analytical insights. Many of conversations with them learnt that almost every railway company has a "physical split" between:

  • a company or institution that provides the infrastructure (i.e. railways)

  • a company or institution that provides the carriers (i.e. trains, metro's or subway vehicles) and rents "usage" from the infrastructure company. They also provide all processes needed to allow passengers to use the carriers

  • sometimes a third enterprise that facilitates the necessary information technology that is required by all parties to manage the combination of infrastructure, vehicles and passengers

Full and cross-function insights through all of these three institutions is today not possible yet ..... at least, none of the companies I spoke to has accomplished this yet ... different grains, different orientation points, different interests of the applicable institutions and just different data infrastructure prevent from linking all data elements together. A fantastic and ongoing opportunity for integration specialists, I'd say.

YET, though

Yet though, the good news is the impressive insights the individual institutions are capable of getting to their business. With the latest business analytics techniques, we are able to bring them all together in real-time mode. I have done that as you can read read here and here. The Digital Boardroom focuses on an audience that requires cross function insights yet also needs access to the transaction level. The scope is typically the full data scope. That is also the reason to run everything on an in-memory platform to allow decent performance.

Mobile Interactive analytics on a sub-set of the data

In this article I want to discuss another aspect the analyses: how to ensure a detailed subset of the dashboard is best delivered to a mobile device? I have showed you in other sections how full insight SAP Design Studio dashboards can be distributed to mobile devices, but what if an end user requires instant details about a subsection of the data scope. Imagine the responsible person of a train-station needing details of anything what happens on a certain day, or what about a technician team lead who requires all incidents for a small area of the infrastructure. Both are probably not behind a pc/laptop all the time, and need their info on a mobile device. To help them obtaining the insights, there are two ways:

  1. use the authorizations features in SAP Design Studio to show them the same full insight dashboard, yet only for the limited data scope they require. This might however not always be the solution, since it could be expected that our sample-users require some additional details according to their needs that are not part of the full insights dashboard

  2. use an extension on top of SAP Design Studio that allows for additional data and even betters the mobile experience. An extension that suites very well for these needs is the MySmartApp extension. I have tested it, deployed it on top of my Public Transport and Railway dashboards and in below video you can see the results.

More details about the set-up of MySmartApp next to SAP Design Studio are in this article.

On February 15th I present at the SAP Rail Asset Management summit in Walldorf. My presentation will be about using the Digital Boardroom to have live and real-time insights on delays, maintenance, repairs and geo_spatial spread.The regular visitor of this website will have noticed my efforts in working with Rail Assets and Public Transport insights also in the area of Cloud Analytics. Using SAP Business Objects Cloud and the Digital Boardroom, I did a similar exercise although slightly more extended also embedding the planning and predictive aspects. As mentioned above, the outcome of these can be read here and here.

The on premise dashboard in its full flavor

But, ..... there is also the on-premise variant using SAP Design Studio and SAP Lumira as you can see in below video.

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