Stunning: BusinessObjects 4.2 SP04 brings new WebIntelligence consumer interface & new Launchpad

Well they certainly kicked off 2017 with SAP; after the upcoming launch of SAP Lumira 2.0

, we now also await the important SP04 for BusinessObjects BI 4.2. It is GA on May 8th, 2017. A “service pack can’t bring so much new”, you probably think. Well … wrong! Let’s have a look.

a brand new WebIntelligence consumer interface

complete new Fiori-like Launchpad portal

What is SP04 all about?

SP04 will definitely bring innovations to us. There are so many new things part of it, I cannot discuss everything here, so I will focus on those I believe are most interesting. A full overview on what SP04 for BusinessObjects BI 4.2 has to offer, can be found in this article.

A kind of a top-5 if you like:

  • WebIntelligence Unified Viewer:

a complete new WebIntelligence consumer interface with a very intuitive UI and a way better user experience. In SP04 it is the consumer interface that is fully new; the Designer interface has not changed (yet). See the video below to get an impression.

  • CMS Database driver

You can now easily access your CMS Database with the new driver allowing enhanced with Universe republishing, but also the REST Web Services allow to reduce CMS repository interactivity and thus enhance performance. This comes with out of the box CMS Universe as well as some prepared WebIntelligence reports allowing to easily get insights in your repository. Lastly new AccessLevels plugin allows the retrieval of all rights defined in custom access levels.

  • Exclusive Server Group at Runtime:

With the Server Group Exclusivity, it allows to isolate a user group to dedicated resources and hence ensure server availability; meaning if you have a certain group of people that absolutely require to have access to BI content, you can assign them a dedicated server. Instead of associating this functionality on report level, it can now also be done n folder level.

  • WebIntelligence DHTML catch up

With SP04 SAP did a catch up when it comes to DHTML: now the dependency to JAVA applets is removed and editing with full functionality is added for all supported browsers. By the way, all new WebIntelligence features are by default in both JAVA as DHTML. Good news is that SAP also enhanced the DHTML client for free-hand SQL as right-to-left (RTL) language support.

  • New Fiori styled Launchpad. See the video below to get an impression

I am not gonna tell to much about the stunning new Fiori styled Launchpad over here. Just have a look at below video. Important for you to know, is that you can still use the previous Launchpad with SP04 if you opt to. It is up to you to decide which one you choose. My choice is made already :-)

demo video new WebIntelligence consumer interface

SP04 Brings even more

When SAP releases a new service pack, they do it well. Meaning the above are just a few highlights. The number of enhancements is huge and applies countless enhancements on:

  • BI Platform: server group exclusivity, virus scan integration, openSSL updates, search, promotion management updates and more

  • WebIntelligence: user interface, calculation extensions, enhanced chart library, variables enhancements, http - HANA support, and more

  • Semantic layer: CMS Universe access, Integrity check, Set Analysis, REST web services

  • Live Office: custom element consumption enhanced with the retrieval as chart image from a WebIntelligence roport

  • Launchpad: alternative, brand new Fiori-styled Launchpad

  • Crystal Reports; similar server group exClusivity as WebIntelligence, several SDK enhancements in JavaScript and more.

A full overview on what SP04 for BusinessObjects BI 4.2 has to offer, can be found in this article.

Disclaimer: “Be aware that the information contained in this video is subject to change. SAP BusinessObjects does not guarantee the availability of all features on early access Support Pack.”

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