Why interoperability rocks with analytics: SAP Lumira 2.0 enterprise dashboard

Finally our domain of business analytics has a solution for aligning data analysts mock-ups with professionalized, enterprise dashboards. It is called interoperability and is applied in SAP's upcoming Lumira 2.0. Ok, I make a big case of it, but I have a reason to do so. The use cases for interoperability are strong. I have described some of them here.

So what am I talking about? In my countless customer visits one specific issue always returns: with the latest self-service data exploration tools, end users - and especially data analysts - make so many valuable mock-ups of insights but they are hardly ever used to offer to a broader audience. Not necessarily a good situation to win your end users! Countless valuable storyboards end up in an isolated, silo'd group of users, but the larger community never gets access to them. Issues with governance, issues with lack of technical knowledge to make the storyboards rock solid, issues with blending ..... name it.

The reason is that nobody takes the time to professionalize them. Why? Because professionalizing mock-up or storyboards was tough. Was? Yes, "was", because it has changed now. SAP did a game changer with the interoperability in SAP Lumira 2.0.

I have experienced extensively with the interoperability between SAP Lumira 2.0 Designer and Discovery (GA launch July 2017) and noticed interoperability is now "serious business". Even I am surprised about the easiness of re-using anything an end user has done with a storyboard, and professionalize this to an enterprise-wide, authored dashboard application. No coding, no re-assignment of sources ..... anything an analysts has set up in his/her storyboard or mock-up, is available instantly in the Designer dashboard application:

  • all data enrichment like custom groupings, hierarchies, conditional formatting

  • all data connectivity is re-usable whether it regards linked, stapled, merged or even blended data sources

  • any extended calculation can be re-used: think of moving averages with reset, difference-from calculations, if-then-else or any other custom formula

  • data quality ruling that one applies in a storyboard, is instantly available in the dashboard application

  • the content of the mock-up or storyboard can be used in a read)t-go authored template application. Oelala !

I have never seen this in any (!) on-premise analytics tool before. Have a look at below video to get a glimpse of what can be done. Detailed information is available on the Lumira 2.0 section of my website or go directly to the Lumira 2.0 Technical Pages. These also provide two technical explanatory videos that guide you in setting up interoperability yourself.

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