ONE (1) Analytics Hub: about hybrid, tools and catalogs .... and .... use cases !

We all like challenges now and then, don't we, but some can be pretty persistent. One of them is the challenge to win your analytics end-users. More in detail, the ability for analytics managers to offer their end-users one (1) consistent and comprehensive place for any (!) analytical insights offered within their enterprise. Whether it comes from on-premise analytics, cloud analytics, non-SAP analytics tools or whatsoever, they require a single place for their end users to search and access everything.

That place is now available through the newly launched SAP Analytics Hub product. Analytics Hub is a fully customizable catalog allowing you to provide users with a single place for all insights. Using typical assets as search, favorites, most viewed, filtering and taxonomy, the end user gets the most easy way of searching for insights .

... but didn't we already offer that with the Launchpad portal? ..... no, the Launchpad portal is authored meaning it only offers on premise SAP analytics that you are entitled to see. It also limits to typical business intelligence components. Analytics Hub shows all content so a user can never oversee something. Depending on authorizations, the user can open a document or not. On top there is no limitation to either on premise or cloud analytics and even documents, links and many others can be made available. Rumors say data-sets can be made available in the future too :-).


SAP Analytics Hub is in essence a catalog that allows your users to browse any analytical assets as made available through your enterprise. Analytics Hub is part of the SAP Analytics Cloud platform that leverages content defined by the administrator(s) and editor(s) of Analytics Hub. A user can search anything using suggested wording and visuals. The accompanying taxonomy is fully configurable including facet values.

For every asset made available through Analytics Hub, key-metadata like descriptions, thumbnails, data sources, refresh frequency, contacts, request-authorization etc etc can be added, so end users can use that info. The search-feature takes this metadata into account.

scroll through below slides-carousel for more detail

Use Cases: some examples

There are plenty of use cases for Analytics Hub, but the absolute number one is adoption rate, or "winning your end-users". It is about the challenge we discussed above ... it is about making it easy, simple and crystal clear to your end users what analytical insights are available ... it is about giving them a single-click-to-access capability ... it is about providing them with crucial, searchable metadata that explains "what-is-what-and-where-does-it-come-from".

Some more specific use cases for SAP Analytics Hub are:

  • you run both on premise analytics as cloud analytics in your enterprise. In case you run on premise and consider analytics cloud but have worries about two platforms, Analytic Hub is the solution

  • you have multiple BI vendors covering various domains of insights and you require a one-stop-shop for insights for your end-users. They aren't interested in separate environments just for the sake of the vendors, aren't they?

  • you want to combine analytics insights based upon reports, cubes or dashboards with offering insights that are stored in documents, web-services or anything else

  • you have end users that criticize the lack of descriptive information on the various reports, dashboard or storyboard. The metadata facility of Analytic Hub is very strong and allows you to provide end-users with key info they need before even accessing a BI component

  • you either want to promote certain insights, require feedback on insights or need better understanding of the usage of insights, Analytic Hub delivers this to your enterprise

below is a video with a demo of SAP Analytics Hub

I am lucky enough to work with great analytics tooling every single day. For me SAP Analytics Hub fills a gap nobody in the market covered till now. This is a really great asset that focuses on the challenge we all have: Winning Your End User. On top you need to consider for yourself how much real effort you put in your enterprise to decently organize your current analytics in all its flavors. It is expected a typical enterprise quickly will save at least one FTE when using Analytics Hub.

Pretty well done, SAP !

Below is another video with some details

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