an outlook to on premise data discovery and authored dashboarding with SAP Lumira 2.1- a journey tha

Quarter four of any business year always excites me: customer engagements and go to markets reach peak levels. Organizations prepare for the next year, people reconsider their roles ... .... but .... also new product releases are introduced to the market. We can expect this quarter the launch of SAP Lumira 2.1.

The convergence of Lumira and Design Studio into SAP Lumira 2.0 has proven its value countless times now. One of its big use cases is the interoperability allowing business users to have their self-service dashboards and mock-ups professionalized in a really simple way. You can read all about that scenario at these pages.

Let's explore the things that you expectedly will see as part of the upcoming release of SAP Lumira 2.1. I have taken out the most important ones:

BW Live analysis

End to end SAP BW Live (live !!) analysis on the Launchpad: this really scales out Lumira 2.1 to all of your end users when it comes to analyzing SAP BW in live mode. It brings this experience on the Launchpad in parity with what you can do today with Lumira Discovery desktop. This means it will finally replace BEx Web.


Yes, it will be there: linked analysis for SAP Lumira 2.1 Discovery. This allows for cross-chart filtering: by making an inter-active selection on chart A, the user can automatically filter linked charts B,C, D and ... according to that selection. Today linked analysis is already possible but it requires some adjustments at Designer level. As of 2.1 it can directly done in Discovery. Next to are quite some additional improvements like ad-hoc data comparison, time series representation on chart and forecasting support with trend and regression lines. Also some good improvements on the PDF Export (i.e. manual and scheduled output).

Filters & Input controls

Measure filters are new for Lumira 2.1 and will greatly enhance the interactive analyses capabilities. Very nice is that the conditions can be combined (AND) over various measures in a filter. You can also expect enhancements to input controls with customizable headers, backgrounds and texts. The filter popover will show hierarchy representation


How about dynamically creating components at run-time? It would mean you can select for example on a map your area of interest and the accompanying composites are generated at run-time. It also allows to quickly copy the properties of one component to another one.


Lots of enhancements on the scheduling and broadcasting area: scheduling for Lumira Applications (Designer) and documents (for both acquired as Live connections) as well as scheduling PDF and LUMX outputs. Output documents are of course generated based upon the recipient's authorizations.


For Lumira 2.1 Designer there will be application & context based commentary. There will be support for private as public commentary. Of course all is integrated with the commentary infrastructure on the BI Platform. In Designer the commentary is facilitated through a new technical component

The full overview with expected new features for SAP Lumira 2.1 can be found here.

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