Cool: new comprehensive guide for SAP Lumira 2 Discovery launched

Cool news. SAP Press launched the new "SAP Lumira Discovery Edition, a comprehensive guide". It is written by Xavier Having and Martijn van Foeken. Both work for Interdobs and are very well known champions when it comes to SAP Analytics.

I dare to say I am a pretty advanced user myself on SAP Lumira 2.x (see here), so was eager to see how this detailed reading adds value to any end or power user. Well, let's start with the conclusion: it does ! This is by far the best guide one can buy if you are either a user of SAP Lumira 2.0, somebody who is involved in maintaining & suppoirting the SAP Lumira 2.0 platform or you are a project lead for one of your companies Analytics initiatives where Lumira 2.0 is part of.

I read the book inside-out. The detailed style and enormous accuracy of the authpors is apprant immediately. Nothing (!) is forgotten; everything is discussed into the detail. Does that mean the book became undereadable and do I as reader get lost in details? Not at all; all chapters are structured very well. It is perfectly well doable to just read the chapters that apply to you. I.e. if you as a data analyst are less involved with the installation or platform settings, just skip those sections. The chapters can really live on their own. Love it !


You ask me about highlights in the book? Pff, I can talk a lot though a few things stand out. These are topics that I especially like, but you can easily favor other ones:

  • Data manipulation: Xavier & Martijn really touch every single option, trick and best practice of the data wrangling and manipulation options in Lulira 2.0. It is an area of Lumira that is really strong

  • SAP BW: lots of Lumira 2.0 users are also SAP BW users. The interconnect between both is outstanding and provide a lot of functionality you don't find elsewhere. Xavier and Martijn recognized this and spent a lot effort on these chapters. They are very good. Lot's of good tips and best practices to improve perfomance and results

  • Live connection: With SAP Lumira 2.0 SAP really started to radiate on its belief of bringing the analytics to the data. One way ios the use of Live connections where no data leaves the source systems.